Monero Remote Node

A website that helps you monitor your favourite Monero remote nodes, a device on the internet running the Monero software with copy of the Monero blockchain.

If you're new to Monero, the official links above is a perfect place to start.

Of course, there are lots of personal and community sites which generally discusses a lot about Monero, such as,  etc; can be an other good reference for you.

You can find few resources I provide related to Monero below:

My Stagenet Public Node

Stagenet is what you need to learn Monero safely. Stagenet is technically equivalent to mainnet, both in terms of features and consensus rules.

My Testnet Public Node

Testnet is the "experimental" network and blockchain where things get released long before mainnet. As a normal user, use mainnet instead.

Since we desire privacy, we must ensure that each party to a transaction have knowledge only of that which is directly necessary for that transaction.

Eric Hughes in A Cypherpunk's Manifesto.

ditatompel's monero address

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