Public Monero Remote Nodes List

Monero remote node is a device on the internet running the Monero software with full copy of the Monero blockchain that doesn't run on the same local machine where the Monero wallet is located.

Remote node can be used by people who, for their own reasons (usually because of hardware requirements, disk space, or technical abilities), cannot/don't want to run their own node and prefer to relay on one publicly available on the Monero network.

Using an open node will allow to make a transaction instantaneously, without the need to download the blockchain and sync to the Monero network first, but at the cost of the control over your privacy. the Monero community suggests to always run your own node to obtain the maximum possible privacy and to help decentralize the network.

Host:Port Nettype Protocol Country Status Est. Fee
Uptime ↕️
Check ↕️


  • Uptime percentage calculated is the last 1 month uptime.
  • Est. Fee here is just fee estimation / byte from get_fee_estimate RPC call method.
  • Malicious actors who running remote nodes still can return high fee only if you about to create a transactions.
  • The best and safest way is running your own node!
  • Nodes with 0% uptime within 1 month with more than 300 check attempt will be removed. You can always add your node again latter.
  • You can filter remote node by selecting on nettype, protocol, country, tor, and online status option.
  • If you know one or more remote node that we don't currently monitor, please add them using this form.
  • I deliberately cut the long Tor addresses, click the 👁 torhostname... to see the full Tor address.
  • You can found larger remote nodes database from
  • If you are developer or power user who like to fetch Monero remote node above in JSON format, you can read Public API Monero Remote Node List blog post for more detailed information.